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    What’s Shakin’ Bacon?

    I’m so far behind on updates that it’s not even funny. But I guess it’s kind of expected with moving.  🙂 So let me share what I’ve been up to the…

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    life military wife

    It’s Been Three Years

    It’s been three years since I married this wonderful man. And of course what better excuse do I have to look through all of our wedding photos than on our anniversary?…

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    We Got Orders!

    Well I guess ‘we‘ didn’t get orders but my husband did.  So it’s official…we’re moving in July! And I tell you I have been through the emotional gamut over the past…

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    What’s In Store For 2014?

    After taking almost a month off (with a few posts thrown in here and there), I’m back!  I felt like I just needed some time to enjoy the holidays without thinking…