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  • Motherhood

    We Have A Walker

    This was the biggest event this weekend: Mabel is walking!Β  Well…not 100% on her own but she’s chugging along with the help of her baby walkers.Β  πŸ™‚Β  She has a VTech…

  • life Motherhood

    Thanksgiving 2012 Recap

    Thanksgiving this year was a very small get together of four people:Β  me, Hubby, my dad, and Mabel. And it’s safe to say that Mabel was a grump this year… Maybe…

  • Motherhood photography

    Say Cheese!

    A super quick post… I took these last Friday…and they made my day! I had gone outside to take some photos for a review I’m going to be posting this upcoming…

  • Motherhood

    Guess Who’s 9 Months Old Today

    I really can’t believe it. She’s 9 months old today.Β  I guess that means she’s been out in the world just as long as I was ‘baking’ her. Wow. If someone…

  • Motherhood Parenting

    Mabel’s First Halloween

    For Mabel’s first Halloween, she decided (more like I decided for her) to be a peacock! Now, you’re probably going to think we’re lame parents since we didn’t actually take her…