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  • kids life

    Mabel’s First Haircut

    Mabel is 4 and a half years old… And she’s never had a haircut. Until today. I of course was outside taking photos of her long hair before we headed to…

  • life quilts sew

    Sew Sweet

    I’m sure if you’ve been reading the blog lately or following on Instagram, you’ll already know that I’ve been talking a lot about sewing lately. I’ve rediscovered an old friend. For…

  • life military wife

    One Year To Go

    One year to go until we PCS (move) again. Bring on the countdown! I’d love to say that these past two years have gone by quickly since we got orders…but I’d…

  • life military wife

    Thank You For Being A Friend

    For a military family, summer is the busiest month…and the time when the most PCS’s happen (moves). I’m notoriously bad for dealing with friends moving away.  I tend to ignore the…

  • life sponsored

    ‘Minnie’ Moments

    This post brought to you by Disney Baby. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Modernly Morgan. With Mother’s Day fresh on my mind, I’ve been reflecting on being…

  • life Motherhood

    The Little Things

    Two weeks late, it’s 1 am and I’m finally getting around to posting Mother’s Day photos. I have an excuse though… My husband had a TDY assignment (if you’re not familiar…