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  • life

    A Dash of Random

    As the quote in the photo above says, “Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful”…and how true is that?  My life has been full of imperfections and quirks…

  • Mabel Crayola Coloring
    Motherhood photography

    Coloring Is A Serious Thing

    There’s one thing that Mabel doesn’t joke around with….coloring. She’s all business and no smiles. But she did manage to fit some time into her serious artist’s schedule to bite a…

  • Mabel in her new Croc sandals
    Motherhood vlog

    17 Month Update Vlog

    Yep, this little girl is 17 months old today! And I finally dusted off the video camera and actually did a vlog!  Please pardon the bad editing… Now I know there…

  • Mabel Monster

    Weekend Roundup (6/8/13)

    This weekend was kind of a random one… First there was a monster. Mabel had the fun of playing in a sprinkler for the first time this weekend (tomorrow’s post will…