Easy Doily Decoupage Tray Tutorial

Easy Doily Decoupage Tray Tutorial

It’s been a long time since I’ve done decoupage…long time as in not since Girl Scout Camp back when I was twelve years old.  So it’s safe to say I had my doubts on my decoupaging abilities, lol!  Anyway, Martha Stewart Decoupage was willing to take a chance on me and see what I could do with their products.

I received some products and then it was up to me to get creative.  Let me show you what I had to work with and what you’ll need if you want to make the elegant yet simple doily decoupage tray that is featured above:

Easy Doily Decoupage Tray Tutoiral

A bottle of Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Durable Gloss Finish (can be used on many surfaces like wood, glass, plastic and are dishwasher safe!), Martha Steward Wood Stain in Espresso and a plain unfinished wood tray.

Easy Doily Decoupage Tray Tutoiral

A pack of Martha Stewart Doily Decoupage pieces and 3 pack decoupage brush set.  Everything above can be purchased at Michaels. 😉

Don’t be intimidated at all…this project is super easy and pretty much foolproof!  Start with your plain unfinished wood tray and stain it with the Espresso Wood Stain.  The directions are easy to follow; paint in the direction of the wood grain, wipe off in the direction of the wood grain, let dry for an hour and continue to add coats until you reach the color you’d like.  I went pretty dark and yet I love that I can still see the wood grain popping through!

Easy Doily Decoupage Tray Tutoiral

Now it’s time to add the doilies.  I removed them from the package, poked the cutouts out and cut the ones that I planned on lining up against the edges of the tray.  This took some time since it takes awhile to look like you’re not thinking too hard with the placement of the doilies, haha!  Paint a coat of the Martha Stewart Gloss Finish on the tray and place the doilies in it.  This will adhere it to the wood surface and make it ready for additional coats to seal the tray.

Let it dry for an hour or two and then paint another coat over the entire tray (you will do this 2-3 times).

Easy Doily Decoupage Tray Tutoiral

Now I want to note that above you can see the wet lines of decoupage gloss.  I wanted to show you that it be visible just after painting…and I kinda freaked out thinking I was doing a horrible job.  But just be patient and as it dries everything will disappear and it will look amazing!


This is what my finished tray looked like up-close after it was dry:

Easy Doily Decoupage Tray Tutoiral

I love the shine and I wish I could convey how sturdy and durable the end product is!

Easy Doily Decoupage Tray Tutoiral

If I can decoupage and have it look this good, anyone can!  I had a wonderful experience with Martha Stewart Decoupage products and will guarantee that they have a permanent spot in my craft room.  In addition to the products I used, Martha Stewart Decoupage has other decoupage products that work on fabric such as lace trims!  I think my next DIY project needs to be some decorative decoupage pillows!

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Disclosure: This was a sponsored post on behalf of Martha Stewart Decoupage but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  I only work with companies that I truly believe in and support!

12 thoughts on “Easy Doily Decoupage Tray Tutorial

    • Morgan says:

      Thanks! This was my first experience with Martha Stewart Crafts and I was really impressed. I had no idea that she had such a variety of items…now I just need to figure what I want to try out next. 🙂

  1. Chelsea says:

    This is so cute I can hardly stand it! And easy too– that’s my kinda DIY! Thanks for sharing! I have a breakfast tray that could totally use a little decoupage makeover!

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