Where are you from?

I’m from Maryland…I’ve lived all over the state from just outside of DC, the Eastern Shore, Hagerstown, and Annapolis! Yep, I’m an East Coast girl!


What was your life like before marriage?

Life before marriage included me getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and then moving from Maryland to Texas in order to become an elementary school teacher.  I taught on Ft. Hood for a year (largest Army post in the United States) and then moved to Colorado to teach on Ft. Carson (another Army post) for two more years.  Colorado is where I ended up meeting my Hubby!


How did you and your husband meet?

eHarmony.com!  I said it….we are an eHarmony couple!  As an elementary teacher, I didn’t meet a lot of men at work and I wasn’t big on going out to the bars…so it’s safe to say I had a hard time meeting guys.  Wow, that makes me sound bad, lol!  I figured there would be no harm in trying eHarmony and I liked the idea that they matched you based on a super long survey that they make you take.  That way, people aren’t just picking you based on your picture but you’re getting matched with someone eHarmony thinks you’re very compatible with.  Since Hubby is military, he had trouble meeting women too since at work the majority of people were men.  Sooo that’s how he decided to try eHarmony too.

Long story short, we went on our first date in February of 2010 and were pretty my inseparable ever since.  We got engaged right after my birthday in November 2010 and were married at the Air Force Academy last spring, 2011.  In my opinion, eHarmony works!

When and how long were you TTC?

We knew pretty much right after we got married that we wanted to start TTC.  We got married in April and I went off the pill that month.  I went one cycle just trying to regulate and let my body go back to normal since I had been on the pill for 7 years and then the next cycle we started trying.  We figured it would take a while but right off the bat we found out we were pregnant.  One month was all it took and we found out we were pregnant on June 15th, 2011!

Do you work now?

Nope!  I’m a teacher by trade and taught elementary school for 3 years, but once I got pregnant, I made the decision to stay at home.  Now that Mabel is here, I plan on being a stay at home mom for a while.  I may eventually go back to teaching but probably not before she’s ready to start school herself.


Have a question?  Email it to me!  More Q and A coming soon!


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