35 Weeks Pregnant and Belly Picture

Yesterday, I hit the big 3-5 mark! And boy am I’m feelin’ it! My tummy feels huge and I’m very uncomfortable!  So here’s the picture and I don’t think she’s dropped yet.  Does anyone know when that tends to happen?

35 weeks pregnant belly

*Lesson that I learned today* – I can’t be out and about for more than 2 hours!  🙂  We ran some errands to Pier 1 for some last minute touches to Mabel’s nursery and Target for some odds and ends…and I could hardly walk by the time we made it to the checkout aisle.  I wasn’t feeling too bad, other than the fact that my back felt like it was about to give out.  And while walking back to the car, I had to tell Hubby to just walk ahead of me to load up the car since I was walking at the pace of a snail.

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2 thoughts on “35 Weeks Pregnant and Belly Picture

  1. weechick says:

    Hey morgan your looking great. I didnt drop at all,even at the start of my contractions she was facing down but still high. The midwife told me it was because i had good stomach muscles- i think its because ive a long back and more room. My friend who is 5ft 4 started to drop from 36wks. Her baby was just over wk late though.

  2. Kimmy says:

    You look so cute! I feel you though, I am starting to feel super HUGE now too!! I was thinking the same thing about when the baby is supposed to "drop". I am still carrying high as well, so whatever you figure out let me know! LOL! 🙂

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