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    The Little Things

    Two weeks late, it’s 1 am and I’m finally getting around to posting Mother’s Day photos. I have an excuse though… My husband had a TDY assignment (if you’re not familiar…

  • life Motherhood

    Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Maybe the title should be :  “Like Mother, Like Daughter(s)“…but Millie has yet to show her true colors, lol! That was from this past weekend.  I hadn’t seen that Mabel stole…

  • life Motherhood

    Operation Preschool = Success

    Guess who started preschool?! This little girl: With her sparkle Toms, big white hair bow, donut backpack, and Ninja Turtle lunch box…she was ready to face the world…well, a classroom full…

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    Millie Gets Her Grub On

    The time has come…for food! We waited six whole months before introducing food this time around (we had started a little earlier with Mabel but decided to go a different route…

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    Updates For Everyone

    Millie Update: Millie is 6 days away from turning half a year old…and I’m just now getting around to posting about her five month update.  I’m a massive failure at deadlines…oops. …

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    Let’s Get Readddyyyy to Drool

    So in my forgetful parenting mind…I thought the drool phase was still a little ways away.  Nope. And I’m not talking about a little drool here and there, I’m talking about…