The Little Things

Two weeks late, it’s 1 am and I’m finally getting around to posting Mother’s Day photos.

I have an excuse though…

My husband had a TDY assignment (if you’re not familiar with the term it’s basically just a short trip ranging from a few days to months for someone in the military…normally to another base) to Alabama which left me home with the gals.  I had my hands full to say the least.  😉  And during the second week…everyone got sick.  Each child spiked a 102 degree fever for at least a day and then I came down with a lovely spring cold, the kind where you feel like your head is just going to blow up.  So it was safe to say blogging wasn’t at the top of my priority list.

But now that I’m finally on the up and up…and my husband is back…here was our very simple Mother’s Day:


Just a day of savoring the little things. 
And watching those chunky baby thighs slowly becoming skinnier and skinnier (excuse me while I go cry a little since I’m going to miss those rolls!).


A day of watching the girls and their sisterly bond grow just a bit stronger.
I really hope they stay close as they get older…


A day of Mabel’s little (or maybe quite large) personality shining through.  I believe she was telling her father that she really didn’t feel like helping to clean the car.


A day of relaxing outside before the South Carolina heat gets too hot.  Because you will not catch me out in the heat once it gets to full blown summer in this state.


And a day of being begged to be picked up because life just isn’t complete to her if she’s not being held by me.  🙂  They’re only little for so long, right?

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