‘Minnie’ Moments

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With Mother’s Day fresh on my mind, I’ve been reflecting on being a mom of two for just over a year. Things have changed a lot, times have been hectic, but it’s been really rewarding too. There’s nothing like sneaking a peek of my children playing together when they don’t know that I’m watching or the feeling of doing something together as a family.

Being a mother is truly an amazing experience. family trip

We took our first true family vacation as a family of 4 to Disney World this past January and it was a success. 😉 We were able to enjoy the park with the girls and it then began an obsession with everything Disney. It made me remember the magical feeling I had when I was little and visited Disney World, so it was a pretty fun experience as a mom to share that with my kids too. It was a great bonding opportunity!

Since we’ve been home, Mabel has gotten her share of Mickey and Minnie toys and those are primarily what we play with during our ‘mommy/daughter’ play-times. disneybaby2 disneybaby Millie has gotten slowly introduced to a few Minnie things too. 🙂 I found a set of adorable Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Pacifiers at Walmart and they’ve been a hit. It’s rare to find her without a paci in her mouth (these are the NUK orthodontic kind), so most of our ‘mommy/daughter’ time is spent with one in her mouth, lol! I can’t tell you how much I’m clinging to those moments! She’s already growing up way too fast…so while Mabel is at school, I baby Millie as much as I can! disneybaby3 And of course, you have to take as many ‘mommy/baby’ selfies as you can, right? 😉 Enjoy the ‘Minnie moments’.


Hope all you mommas out there had a Happy Mother’s Day!

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