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Millie Update:

Millie is 6 days away from turning half a year old…and I’m just now getting around to posting about her five month update.  I’m a massive failure at deadlines…oops. 


Anyway Millie has graced us with her presence for five whole months now and as tired as I still am, time has been flying by (I know, I probably say that too much so feel free to give me an eye roll there).

-She’s still breastfeeding, although I have to admit waking up most nights every hour/hour and a half isn’t appealing at all.

-She’s 17 pounds.

-She gets worn in a ring sling when we are out since she stays pretty darn happy in it (she’s still a massive clinger and doesn’t like to be put down…at all).

Ring Sling // Teething Necklace

-She’s still wearing 9 month clothing but will probably soon be in 12 month outfits (mainly due to her tummy and thighs, lol!)

-She absolutely loves chewing on her fingers…and recently discovered her toes + loves to grab at them.

-She kept all of her baby hair and now needs a clip to help hold it back.


-And lastly, we bought her an activity center which she loves (and I can’t recommend it enough since I think it’s much more interactive than the one we had for Mabel).

Mabel Update:

Mabel’s current attitude is:  “Momma, you no take pictures of me!”…so since I’m trying to respect that, there haven’t been a ton of photos of her to go around.  But sometimes she’s fair game and allows me to shove my Nikon in her in face all while begging her to give me a smile.  😉

She’s also starting preschool soon and she’s very excited about it!  We gave it a lot of thought and determined that she’s really craving interaction with other kiddos and seems to enjoy learning new things, so preschool it is.  We went back to school shopping the other day…and dang, I think we spent over $100 just on store brand school supplies!

Momma Update:

Nothing too eventful surrounding myself.  Running has been a challenge due to the insane heat and humidity.  I’m beginning to doubt if I’ll have enough time to train for the half marathon I signed up for in November soooo the Disney half marathon might be the first one I actually go through with.

I got my first hair appointment in just about three months (my hair has finally stopped falling out of my head) and I decided to go back to being a very light blonde (photo below).  I also went and got a pedicure which I hadn’t done since we lived in Delaware.  I tipped the lady really nicely too because my feet were a mess!  And then to top my week off, I bought a super sized tub of my favorite face wash since the Nordstrom Sale is going on (did I ever mention that I used to work at Nordstrom back in the day?).


So I think that’s about it…everyone should be caught up now.  😉

Now let the 6 month procrastination begin!

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