Like Mother, Like Daughter

Maybe the title should be :  “Like Mother, Like Daughter(s)“…but Millie has yet to show her true colors, lol!

like mother, like daughters

That was from this past weekend.  I hadn’t seen that Mabel stole Millie’s paci, Millie has a confused look on her face and I’m channeling my inner Miley Cyrus (actually I’m not because I can’t stand her but that’s for another post).  Gotta teach the girls to embrace their inner goofballs!

Anyway…growing up, I was always clumsy.  Sadly…I still am.
And guess who is too?

I think I always had a bruise somewhere…and to this day I still hit my arms on door frames, stub my toes on tables and trip over my own feet on pretty much a daily basis.

Flashback to Wednesday – I got a call from her school stating that she had hit her head after a fall.  Of course I freaked out, only to pick her up from school expecting her to be bawling her eyes out…but no.  She was super excited to tell me about her “boo-boos”.  Yep, you read that right = EXCITED.

That’s one thing I wasn’t when I was little = bold and resilient (I was a major crier over anything and everything).  So I’m pretty proud that Mabel embodies those two characteristics.

The staff had told me she tripped on a step going in from the playground to use the bathroom, fell and hit her head.  And as I buckled Mabel into her car seat she happily pointed out a scratch on her knee and the lightest of scratches on her forehead.  She even told me that she wanted to see her head in the mirror when we got home…with a big grin on her face.

I guess I should be thrilled that she’s one tough cookie…clumsy…but still one tough cookie.  😉

So cheers to rambunctious little girls who always have a self inflicted bruise somewhere (more than likely from bumping shins on the coffee table or bumping into counter tops with their heads!) and are always ready to go back out and tackle the world fearlessly.

1 thoughts on “Like Mother, Like Daughter

  1. tabatha says:

    My girls are 5 and 7 and i swear they got all their clumsiness from me. There daddy was an athlete and so was i but he has always had more agility and grace then i. Lol. One time my daughter was outside playing on a trailer that my dad had brought to my house with his lawn mower to cut my grass. After saying several times to be careful and stop because i know the clumsiness grandpa shrugged me off saying let her be a kid. I was literally 2 feet from her and she fell shin first on the side of the trailer….needless to say it was the worst bruise and it swollen so bad that i thought she needed stitches. I will never forget it. She screamed and cried for an hour. Thankfully it wss just a bruise and was riding her bike an hour later.

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