Fall is in the Air

I’ve used baby products by JOHNSON’S® to care for my little one (and myself!) as a part of a sponsored post for Socialstars.  As always, my opinions are 100% my own.  #johnsonspartners #MoreForYou

Johnson's Honey Apple #JohnsonsPartners #MoreForYou

Honestly, some of the best things about fall is the colder weather and the amazing scents that fill the air.  You know what I’m talking about…pumpkin, leaves, crisp morning air, and one of my very favorites = apples.

As I’ve mentioned before, scents have the amazing power to transport you back in time in an instant and for me, since I’ve always loved fall, all of the scents I’ve mentioned above hold a lot of memories for me…especially apples.  Maybe that’s why I love the scent so much!

When we lived in Delaware, our home was right down the road from a local farm that had a huuuuge apple orchard.  They allowed the public to pick apples and in their little general store they sold all kinds of amazing apple foods and desserts.  I absolutely craved their apple cider when I was pregnant…the smell was heavenly and the taste was divine…it was fall in a glass!

Anyway, now whenever I smell apples and think of fall, I’m reminded of that little farm and my pregnancy with Mabel.  🙂  So when I recently discovered that JOHNSON’S® made a baby lotion and baby moisture wash with honey apple, I knew it was meant to be…for me…and maybe I would share it with Mabel, lol!

Johnson's Honey Apple #JohnsonsPartners #MoreForYou

I’ve found that JOHNSON’S® baby lotion with honey apple has been a great addition to my mornings!  It’s mild yet hydrating…and I can’t get enough of the scent!

Mabel is a huge fan of the baby wash too!  She is a sniffer…yeah, I know that sounds odd…but she’s all over my bath products and their scents, so she always loves smelling them and saying how ‘pretty‘ they are.

Johnson's Honey Apple #JohnsonsPartners #MoreForYou

And she deemed honey apple as ‘pretty’…of course I agree.  😉  So I decided to share with her.

Like all the other NO MORE TEARS® formula products, I don’t have to worry Mabel’s delicate eyes and the rich and creamy formula is super moisturizing…which is perfect during the chillier fall weather.

She also enjoyed playing with the bubbles that the baby wash created…who doesn’t love bubbles?!

Johnson's Honey Apple #JohnsonsPartners #MoreForYou

And then after bath time, Miss Mabel got a luxurious coating of moisturizing baby lotion with honey apple and told me ‘I smell so pretty!’  I can’t get enough of that kid!

Johnson's Honey Apple #JohnsonsPartners #MoreForYou

Fall also calls for more cuddles…and who wouldn’t want to cuddle a sweet smelling three year old?  😉

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