8DPO – And the 2WW Continues…

I’m going to list symptoms so far, and yes, I pretty much copied the list from the post from a few days ago.  As the wait goes on, I’m realizing why other ladies stop ‘symptom spotting’.  It’s honestly driving me crazy and this is only our first real month TTC.  If it’s a BFN for this month…I promise you…no symptom spotting!

1DPO – no symptoms

2DPO – dull cramps, feeling full in abdomen, lower backache

3DPO – dull cramps, feeling full in abdomen, lower backache, gas (eww, I know!)

4DPO – feeling super bloated…nothing else

5DPO – nausea in the morning, sore BBs on the sides, feeling bloated

6DPO – metallic taste in mouth (maybe I’m making this up?!), bloated, lower backache

7DPO –  metallic taste on and off again, bloated, lower backache

8DPO – hardly any symptoms, BBs are tender all over (note tender, not painful), tired

*not so optimistic for this month, but it’s only round 1 so I’m ok with that 😉 *

That’s all folks…


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