All Over the House

Weekends are for having fun or getting things done (normally one or the other but on rare occasions you can do both, lol!).

This weekend was for getting things done…when I didn’t have Millie clinging to me (she’s still a non-napping clinger and she seems to enjoy clinging to me the most…which I love….BUT it would be nice if she would nap a tad longer than 10 minutes so I could accomplish a few things here and there).

Anyway, when she was enjoying time with my husband, I spent it tackling the bathroom.  Mainly makeup and product organization since it was starting to drive me nuts digging through cabinet drawers to find everything.

This was mid-organization so normally I don’t have all my makeup thrown about, it’s stored in those little bags and the palettes are stored in a drawer.

lux acrylic modular system

Everything you see in the above photo fit into the acrylic organizer!

lux acrylic modular system
Organizer Top // Middle Compartments // Brush Holder

It was magical (I’m pretty amazed at the things that excite me as I get older…I’m such a dork)…like honestly, why had I waited so long to buy the darn organizers.  Yes, they were a pretty penny but I haven’t found anything like them before and are now proving to be worth every cent spent!  Plus, I can see the counters!

Moving on…

It was time to tackle our bedding.  I recently bought a cute puckered duvet but it wasn’t holding up to a three year old constantly pulling on it and jumping on it (long story short, the pucker seams were ripping…cute for adults but not child durable).  Solution = buy an easy care linen duvet cover in white.  There is no problem bleach can’t solve…so try your best to destroy this one, Mabel!  😉

linen duvet and pillows for king bed
Duvet + Pillows // Mr & Mrs. Pillow + Headboard

The linen has a slightly wrinkled, lived in look which I love and can be taken right out of the dryer that way.  If I ever decide I want a crisp look…I can iron it.  I wish you could hear me laughing because who has time for that?!

Then it can’t be all work and no play…bring on the sidewalk chalk!

side walk chalk

Nothing is better than opening a brand new box (unless you find them all broken which is another story) and seeing all the beautiful colors.  Mabel likes to express her artistic abilities by coloring on the side of the house (thank goodness chalk can be washed off with a simple spray of the hose) and by throwing the brand new chalk into a bucket full of water.  Yep…that’s what sidewalk chalk is for, Mabel.

And last but not least…how is a weekend complete without a brand new friend?


I know it’s blurry, but trust me…you don’t need a shot of this guy in focus.  Note that he’s as long as a brick is tall.  He wasn’t in the same spot as of this morning…so I’m just hoping he didn’t somehow find a way into our house.

Hello Monday!

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