Answer My Question of the Week…Pretty Please :)

I’ve decided to try something new and ask my subscribers (if you haven’t subscribed yet to either the blog or Youtube…what are you waiting for?!)  to answer a question for me each week.  I figure there is no better way to learn than from other mommas!  
Watch the video and leave me a response either in the comment section on this blog or click on the YouTube Video and leave a comment in the video section!  I can’t thank you ladies enough!

5 thoughts on “Answer My Question of the Week…Pretty Please :)

  1. Christina says:

    The Boppy Nursing Pillow. One of the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant. I heard from friends it is a baby must.

  2. Modern Momma says:

    Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I will add them to my list that I'll put up on the blog in a week! 🙂 Keep the suggestions coming…I'm loving them!!!

  3. Brandi says:

    The item I loved the most is called a sheet saver. It saved me from many 4am sheet changes!! My boys were both bad about burping up milk when I laid them down, so it was great to be able to just change the sheet saver & not the whole sheet 🙂

  4. weechick says:

    It has to be our fisher price baby bouncer seat. Def the thing we used most. Used it to settle Millie and when i was doin my cleaning i could put her in it so she could see me. When i wanted to relax i could put her in it next to the bath and when she got older she learned how to bounce it herself. It also had little pull animals hanging over it. A monkey a lion and hippo i think and when she was bigger she was able to reach and pull them play music and try catch them. Def a best buy and because it was bright colours we can use for our next one if ts a boy too. Got due date for 10th May! Exciting

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