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Making an appointment for yourself to go to either the dentist or the doctor is virtually impossible when you have kids.  Like, you need to either be severely injured or have a tooth about to fall out of your head in order to take on the task jumping through all the hoops in order to be seen.

The best is actually having to drag your kid(s) to an appointment with you.  An example:  me dragging Mabel when she was one and a half (husband was deployed) with me to my yearly female exam.  Nothing beats being internally examined while trying to tell your toddler to stop trying to grab a speculum off the counter.  The midwife must have loved me.


So there I was last Thursday waiting to be seen at the dentist’s office…in total need of a pedicure but seriously, if it’s this hard to get to an appointment, my feet are never gonna make it to the nail salon.  Now first off…I don’t like the dentist.  I mean nothing against the ones at this office, I’ve just had bad experiences and every time I go to a new one, I’m always nervous…and this was the first time I’ve been to a dentist since arriving to South Carolina last fall.

Secondly, I was sitting there with fingers crossed that my husband was somehow surviving our toddler who was probably running around naked at that moment and our newborn who was going to have to be willing to take a bottle from him while I was gone.

Wait…scratch that.  Every time my husband comes home from work, the kids are miraculously on their best behavior or sleeping so I think he gets a skewed image of what it’s like to stay at home with them.  Like maybe I sit on the couch all day, watching House Hunters and singing Kumbaya with a big smile on my face.  That’s soooo far from the truth but you know that’s how it always happens.  Things looks super easy when he walks in the door…

So maybe the slightly twisted momma in me was hoping the kids were going crazy while I was gone for two hours to give him a taste of what it’s like…and why I tell him on some days I would LOVE to go to work for him and he can stay at home.

Back to the dentist appointment…everything went smoothly.  The hygienist was super sweet and gentle, and the dentist was very friendly too.  Only issue was that I had one cavity and two older fillings from when I was a teenager that need to be replaced.  And the kicker = they are making me make an appointment for each.  That means THREE appointments.

And the most painful thing won’t be getting the shot of novocaine each time…it will be begging someone to watch my kids.

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