Artwork for Baby Girl’s Nursery

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to pick up pieces here and there to make Baby Girl’s nursery unique.  As you already know, I love Etsy.  Out of the several prints we’ve bought from several artists, I figured I’d share my favorite two so far (click the title of the picture to be sent to the page where the artist is selling the same print if interested):
Property of Enrouge
I just absolutely adore this picture.  These colors fit our nursery color scheme too.  She does make this print in different variations of color, so if you follow the link in the title, click the shop link and you can find the variations there.  She also makes prints with different numbers of chicks (for our first baby, this was perfect for us).
Property of Happydeliveries
I don’t claim to be a very religious person, but this print just spoke to me.  🙂  After seeing it, I just had to have it.  This print is also made in different colors.  We bought it in ‘sunshine yellow’ to go with our decor.  Once again, if you follow the link, click on her shop and you can find it in multiple colors.  You can also contact her to request a color…I did this since she didn’t have any yellow ones posted when I went to buy it.
As always, let me know what you think!

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