Before Painting…You MUST Tape

I put myself to work today! I got the whole room that is to be the nursery taped off and ready to paint.  I had high hopes of actually getting one coat of paint on the walls, but it just didn’t happen.  Taping the walls took close to 4 hours…that might just be the perfectionist in me…or the fact that I’m pregnant and kept having to take breaks.  Poor Hubby really wanted to help, but I’m super particular in how I ‘need’ everything to be perfect, so he’s just going to have to settle for helping put the nursery furniture together when it gets here, lol!
The room is currently an ugly shade of brown that the previous owner had painted…and had done a horrible job at best.  There is paint on the ceiling, trim and baseboards!!  Which of course makes more work for me since I’ll have to touch up all of his mistakes.  Ugh!  Also, there are tons of holes from poster tacks or nails that the previous owner had in the wall that I had to patch up (those are all those white spots on the walls that you see in the pics).  But, of course I’ll take all the time needed because I want the room to be perfect for Baby Girl!
Here are some pics of my progress.  Keep in mind that I taped the ceiling after taking these pictures.  Oh, and the paint is green because I’ve learned the FrogTape is the only painters tape worth using.  The blue painters tape is horrible and will bleed your colors through…don’t use it!

So…prepare yourself for the transformation!  And that horrible looking ceiling fan is going too…whenever I can get my dad over here to help Hubby get it out and replace it with just a light or a nicer fan.

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