It Was A Bike Helmet Kind Of Day

Around 4:30pm yesterday the local news broke into the show we were watching and blasted warnings about being under a tornado warning.

Normally, it’s never a big deal…Delaware rarely has actual tornadoes…but this one was different.  Out of the several storms the weatherman was pointing out in the tri-state area, he focused primarily on one and that one was headed right towards us.  The main road to our neighborhood was actually listed.

Great.  As if I wasn’t stressed enough over the past few weeks.

The news stressed to anyone in the path of that storm to seek shelter immediately.

And that’s what we did.  The only room on the inside of our home on the first floor is a bathroom that has about 2ft by 2ft of actual standing space in it.  Mabel, me, the husband, and two pugs all packed ourselves in while we could hear the wind howling outside and hail began to smack against the roof and windows.  We put on our bike helmets (they say to wear them to protect your head since a lot of injuries/deaths from tornadoes are due to head injuries) and huddled in the bathroom for about 15 minutes until our cell phones showed the storm had passed over.


Now I know that’s not huge hail but it’s probably the biggest hail I’ve seen and held.

And as we walked around outside of our house we could hear sirens off in the distance and our power had gone out.  We later found out that a tornado had touched down about 5 miles from us and a few houses were heavily damaged/destroyed but everyone was okayI’m so thankful for that!

I’ve seen it all in the three years we’ve spent in Delaware:  an earthquake, two hurricanes, and now a tornado.  Delaware, you’re making it easy to goodbye.


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