The Business of Being Born

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If you have Netflix, I recommend watching this movie!  It’s on ‘watch instantly’ so you have no excuse not to watch it!  Even if you don’t have Netflix…I highly recommend seeing it if you can!
This documentary which is produced my Ricki Lake (you might remember her from the 90s and her talk show) is a great look at the process of birth in the United States.  It primarily focuses on mid-wives and home-births but does discuss hospital births too.  Now, you may be thinking…’no way am I going to be a crunchy granola hippy and have my baby at home’.  Well, I’m not telling you to, and I’ll admit I had that same thought when I first heard about this movie.  BUT…this movie made me see birth in a whole new light. 
After being shown the benefits of not having an epidural, I want to try to have a natural birth.  I’ve chosen not to have my baby at home, but will be going to a birth center where all the mid-wives are registered nurses and the hospital is right across the street (my insurance covers this 100%).  Some of you may be thinking I’m crazy by not wanting an epidural (I haven’t made up my mind and won’t rule it out during the birth, but if I do decide to have one, I will have to leave the birth center and go to the hospital across the street) but seeing that birth tends to go faster without an epidural and there seems to be less stress on the baby…it’s just what I would like to try.  
Anyway, see the movie and tell me what you think!  Even if you think it’s nuts, I’d love to hear from you!

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