Cherishing Lovable Messes


Long gone are my hopes of a Pottery Barn styled house
well, at least until the girls are a bit older. 

I mean, I’m still finding crayon marks in random places so I guess it’s actually going to be a while, lol.

This momma can dream, right?

Until then, I’m just going to embrace the mess.  In all honesty…it’s kinda cute as far as messes go.  🙂

Toys strewn about from play; imagination at its finest.  Baby gadgets cluttering the floor; development in full swing.  It makes me happy.

But of course cleaning up is a good thing too…you have to feel like you have some control over tiny human things taking over your home.

It’s easy though…the toys go back in their bin, a quick vacuum of the rug, and some sprucing up the laminate flooring with some Pledge Multi Surface (and it’s pH balanced so we don’t have to worry about it somehow messing up the floors since our home is a rental and this momma wants her deposit back when we move out!).


I’ll admit, nothing beats a clean floor.

And then there’s the other lovable mess that occurs daily; a meal time with a three year old.


Mabel gets kudos though…she’s doing an awesome job without making that much of a mess anymore.  Just in time for us to soon be introducing solids to Millie in less than two months.  Not sure I’m prepared for that kind of mess again, ha!


Remember the Pledge Multi Surface I mentioned earlier?  I can use that to clean up a variety of surfaces in my home and it saves time (what mom has a ton of time to spend cleaning?!) since I don’t have to keep switching products.  Plus, compared to other cleaners with a harsh, chemical smell…the rainshower scent is a nice bonus.

Now as you’ve seen first hand, my house is far from perfect…but it’s a happy mess…and it’s a cleanable mess too.

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