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I officially started on our registry for Baby Girl today.  So far, the responses that I’ve had from my Question of the Week YouTube video and on this blog have been really helpful!  Can’t thank you ladies enough!
I had originally started my registry with Babies R Us but decided that I didn’t really like the selection.  They are pretty limited when it comes to certain items, not to mention a lot of their items are more pricey than other websites.  So, I decided to create Baby Girl’s registry at  I’m really happy with the selection and prices.  Plus, I think it’s really easy for people to navigate and order from.  And of course nothing is better than ‘free shipping’ on your entire order!  🙂
I still don’t know why I’m creating a registry though.  Some of you are probably wondering…why wouldn’t you make a registry?!  Well, we recently moved to our new location due to Hubby’s work and I don’t feel that I know anyone well enough to want a shower.  Hubby’s boss’s wife has said she wants to throw a shower but I told him to nicely decline…same idea of me not knowing these ladies enough to expect them to buy gifts for our baby (I would feel bad about accepting gifts).  So why create one at all?  Well my mother in law keeps asking us where we are registered, so I figured we’d make one for her.  Lol!  Hubby’s parents are just way too nice.  And I look at it this way…at least I have a shopping list for Hubby and me before Baby Girl gets here.

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  1. Modern Momma says:

    If I can figure out how to not have my last name plastered all of it I will. 🙂 I'd love to get feedback from everyone.

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