Daylight Savings Isn’t a Friend of Mine

Daylight Savings time isn’t a friend of mine…at least when you have to ‘spring forward’.  As new parents, my husband and I are clinging to any extra hour of sleep we might be able to have…so when one hour was just taken last night due to Daylight Savings, I cringed…ugh!  The only bonus to losing an hour is that it stays lighter later in the evening.  I guess I’m a hypocrite though, since I don’t mind gaining an hour in the fall.  😉
Anyway, here are some Mabel photos!
*sorry for the annoying logo in there…I’m just oddly paranoid of pictures ending up in other places on the net*
She’s fitting in her 0-3 month clothes now!

Have any of you seen Fraggle Rock?  I swear she looks like a Dozer (one of those cute little green worker people)…haha!  She’s just not green!
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3 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Isn’t a Friend of Mine

  1. Holli Gibson says:

    Totally agree, it does get better as they get older. If you're looking for some light reading while you're not sleeping you should check out our blog, we are talking about latest trends in kids fashion.

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