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Since I can’t sleep I figured I’d post some goodies for you all!  Who doesn’t love free stuff?  I know I do!  Anyway, a few weeks ago when I found out I was pregnant (well, I guess a little more than a few weeks ago, lol) I stumbled across free baby magazine subscriptions.  What’s the catch you ask?  NOTHING! The two magazines I’m going to let you know about are ‘sister’ magazines to big parenting magazines in the United States.  The free subscriptions are for all expectant mothers and mothers of young babies.  I think they calculate this on your baby’s due date or birth date (you can start receiving them when you’re pregnant and they will continue a while after your baby is born.  How is it free?  I’m pretty sure that the tons of advertising in both magazines help pay for everything.  Normally I find advertising in my other magazines like Cosmo a pain in the butt but as a first time momma, I’m actually intrigued by some of the ads and find out about products I had no idea existed.  Okay, let’s get to the magazines.  I’m putting the title of the magazine over the pic which will take you to the site and allow you to sign up for the magazine.
(Parents Magazine runs them…subscribe way at the bottom of the page)
(Parenting Magazine runs them…the link looks sketch, but it’s not…go to the Parenting site if you don’t trust me and find the link way at the bottom ‘subscribe to Baby Talk’, lol, but trust me!

3 thoughts on “Free Magazine Subscriptions

  1. Beautygal1986 says:

    I luv the U/S picture where she is flipped upside down 🙂 I have never seen that before 🙂 she really does have a personality 🙂 can't wait to meet the little lady 🙂 congrats again on your pregnancy, u are going to be a great mom 🙂

  2. Modern Momma says:

    Aw, thanks for the kind words! It is pretty neat how babies seem to take on their own personality even in the womb. Thanks for letting me know about your blog…I'll check it out! 🙂

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