Friday Five

I haven’t done a Friday Five post since last November…and I felt in the mood to revive it!
Jeez…I really can’t follow through with anything, can I?

Okay so onto five random things that happened in the past week that I haven’t mentioned yet on the blog:

1. – Mabel is sick.  🙁  I’m guessing she caught a bug during preschool orientation so she spent all day camped out on the couch watching Bubble Guppies.

I have a feeling she’s going to be sick a lot this year since she’s never been around this many kids…

2. – I purchased the best ever CC cream and it came with a free brush…I’m guilty of watching QVC because the makeup programs just suck me in.  It’s like a black hole.

3. – Millie is a hitter.  When she nurses, she slaps, scratches, yanks and pulls anything she can get her hands on.  Yikes.  Thank goodness for nursing necklaces because they have been my only life savers.

4. – Favorite current tv shows = Married, Teen Mom (I can’t tear my eyes away from the drama!), Project Runway, and Beach Flip.

5.  We rented The Drop Box and I was amazed.  Such a beautiful and moving movie.  Rent it if you get a chance…no matter your religion, the husband and wife are such inspirations.

Happy Friday!

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