Fried Pickles and a POP of Color (Essie Review)

I experienced one of the great wonders of the world last night: (this is probably going to show my lack of worldliness…haha!) FRIED PICKLES!  I had never heard of these before or tried them but Hubby said they would be good.
Of course they came from a generic restaurant, Texas Road House…but still delicious!  Perfect bit of fried goodness and saltiness.  If you get a chance, try them!
Okay, on to my nail polish review.  I was reading Malisa’s blog the other day, Alex and Malisa and was inspired to go bold with my nail polish!  I had been meaning to try something new and stumbled upon the brand Essie at the drugstore.  I had seen it before but hadn’t thought much about it since I had thought it was a cheap drug store brand…I WAS WRONG!  After coughing up $8 bucks a bottle (which now I have no regrets about) I went home and got my nails ready to paint.  Take a look:
Yes, I have ubber long fingers…Hubby tells me I have alien hands, ha!
 This color is called Turquoise and Caicos.  How fun!  Plus it’s gender neutral and I’m wearing it to the ultrasound tomorrow, apparently I’m an ubber dork too!  I would say the color has a stronger hint of green to it…kind of like island water.  Now overall, the nail polish is great!  It dries with a really shiny coat so I didn’t even need a top coat.  Also, it has staying power!  I actually put the nail polish on my nails on Friday and it’s Sunday with no chips or cracks!  It did take 3 coats but it was super easy to put on, and to me looks pretty darn professional and normally my nails don’t look that good when I’m done painting them.  Maybe I was super patient while painting them that day?  Haha!
I love Essie and will continue to buy it now.  They have lots of great colors and I can’t wait to try them!  Go buy some!

5 thoughts on “Fried Pickles and a POP of Color (Essie Review)

  1. Modern Momma says:

    I'll have to look for it next time I'm at CVS. Thanks for the suggestion. 😉 I'm just so impressed with Essie…it's even better than the more expensive polishes at Sephora/Ulta!

  2. Alex & Malisa says:

    I've never tried Essie. That's a very pretty color though! Ps, those fried pickles look amazing. I looove pickles but my husband doesn't. I'll have to try next time we're at Texas Roadhouse. =)

  3. Kimmy says:

    OMG I have been hard core craving deep fried pickles! LOL!! Not even sure why because I have never had them, but this post is making me want to drive in my car right now to get some! Yup I'm turning into that crazy pregnant lady! LOL! 🙂

    I looove that color on you! So cute!

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