Giveaway – Blooming Bath for Baby!

Okay…so a new giveaway for my readers and viewers! I’m so happy to introduce to you all the most innovative baby bath on the market:  Blooming Bath for Baby!

blooming bath for baby

The Blooming Bath for Baby is a great new product to make bath time more enjoyable and comfortable for baby…not to mention easy for Mom and Dad too!

Check out my video on the Blooming Bath:

The baby bath itself is flower shaped and it’s petals move to fit virtually any sink out there.  The petals are made out of very soft and super plush materials that are delicate on baby’s skin.  The durable mesh underside on the petals add to the solid construction of the bath, and allow the bath to ‘breathe’ and dry quickly.

As seen in my video…to dry the bath after you are done bathing your baby, simply fold in the petals in toward the center and push to squeeze out the remaining water.  You can then either hang the baby bath up to dry by the hook on the back or stick it in your dryer to dry within 10 minutes!  Easy peasy!  Also, the bath is machine washable!

The Blooming Bath comes in three different colors: blue, pink (as seen in my video) and yellow.

 The Blooming Bath also makes a great baby shower gift!  ;)Visit Blooming Bath’s Website:

Interested in winning a Blooming Bath for yourself?  Enter Here!

Only rules:  You must be a resident of the United States and be at least 18 years old.
AND the one mandatory entry requirement is that you post back on this blog post what you love/learned about the Blooming Bath after visiting their website!
*And please don’t try to cheat…each entry will be checked*
(You have to click ‘read more’ to see the entry form)


*This is not a paid posting.  I was provided a complimentary product to review and giveaway.*

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150 thoughts on “Giveaway – Blooming Bath for Baby!

  1. Two brothers! says:

    WOW what an awesome item to have especially when you don't have alot of room to store a huge bathtub. I love that you can throw it into the dryer 🙂 love love love

  2. LDG says:

    The one thing that tops my list is that the Blooming Bath won't leave baby cold inside the sink. It's snuggly and soft, just like any baby would want.

  3. Kelly says:

    I always read other mom's testimonies on baby products and I love that a lot of the testimony's talked about how it was easy on their back to have their baby in the sink instead of the tub! If I don't win it, I will buy it!!

  4. LesbianFamilyDiary says:

    The bath is seriously adorable! You don't have to worry about baby rolling around in a plastic tub or sink. And you can purchase a kit with Burt's Bees products (which I love!).

  5. Gabrielle says:

    I love that it is machine washable and is not plastic! I've always thought how uncomfortable those are for babies. Would love love love to win this product!

  6. Candice says:

    I love how easy it looks to be stored somewhere. Plastic baths are bulky and hard to have a "certain place" where it belongs. This folds up and looks like it would be easy to store anywhere! If you have guest over, they won't see a bulky baby bath in your bathroom!

  7. Mallory's Mommy says:

    I had no idea you could put them in the dryer! btw I'm having a hard time finding any info on the site you didn't already share in your blog post lol…hmmm did you mention the hang tag on the back?

  8. binzany says:

    i love that it is soft and fits in all my sinks i have hard wood so i dont want to spill water in floor like i would have to with traditional tub or get into my big tub with baby and try to bath them… just a brilliant idea 🙂

  9. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE that baby is not slipping and sliding everywhere! My hands are always full and multi tasking so this feature alone makes it a great buy for my family!

  10. Mrs. Trout says:

    I love how soft it looks! Also I love how easy it will make giving baby a bath. Also that it's machine washable. Love this idea!

  11. amandanoahandjaxten says:

    I love that they are machine washable and antimicrobial! Thanks so much for this giveaway what a great product!

  12. Rebecca says:

    I love the fact that this was made/thought from DADS !! That is awesome….Great giveaway and supercute. I love the yellow 🙂

  13. havendd79 says:

    Great video! Who needs to hire a photographer when you can just set baby in an adorable blooming bath and snap away the most adorable pics?! I can't wait to get one and see my baby in this in May!!!

  14. Cristyannie says:

    The thing I love the most is that it isn't made of plastic so you don't have to worry about BPA or PVC. Love the different colors and how comfy it looks! P.S. love the video!

  15. Mrs. Bierschenk says:

    I love that the bloomIng bath is machine washable and dry able meaning no mold like we encountered on our tub and shower seats 🙁

    Having a 12 month old and baby number 2 on the way this would be a perfect fit for our family!

  16. glambyerika says:

    I am excited to start trying for our first child soon and I love easy products! This product seems to be easy to maintain and clean… Not to mention easy to use! I love it

  17. Capella says:

    A close friend of mine has it and she showed it to me. Feel in love instantly! So soft, easy to clean, and most important is that it isn't BULKY like the regular tubs. Which is awesome when you live in a small house or apartment!

  18. {:miss v:} says:

    When I visited their website and saw how incredibly cute these were I just knew I had to have one! Thanks for hosting this fun and cute giveaway!

  19. Ali Otwell says:

    LOVE that this product fits any size sink! My husband and I are both in grad school and live in a tiny apartment in Chicago – we have limited sink space so this would be SO great for baby!

  20. Sarah says:

    I love how easy it fits in sinks and can be stored away. The plastic baby baths can be so cumbersome and they don't really fit anywhere.

  21. CLYNN says:

    I love the fact that this product was founded and designed by 4 fathers who all came together because the task of the "slippery" bath was something they all had in common. This bath came about by actually being a parent and it makes it all that more special!!!

  22. phatchat14 says:

    I love how it fits in any sink, and seems way more comforting then a plastic tub. I also bet it will be great for travel. Thanks Jess c:

  23. gabbyavasmom says:

    I've been wanting one of these for a while. Bathing my daughter is a total safety issue. She slips down the sling in her plastic baby bath and that scares me so much!! The blooming bath keeps them warm since it doesn't have cold, plastic sides. I could only imagine how much easier bath time would be. No more bending into the tub in pain from my back injury. I definetly trust your opinion!! Hope you're feeling better!!

  24. Chasing Olive In Wonderland says:

    I love that it's easy to dry (and to clean!) and how it wouldn't take up much room to store in between baths 🙂 I think it's awesome that Dads came up with this idea – my husband was worried about everything being so slippery during bath time with a newborn too! This is such a cool giveaway 🙂 Aly

  25. 21a6e9f2-5140-11e1-88cd-000bcdcb8a73 says:

    I love that it will fit any type/size of sink. I will be moving in a few months and don't know the size of the new sink 🙂 Very cute too!

  26. mrsriffle2348 says:

    I Love That you can use it any sink and bathtub also That it's washer friendly And that baby wont slip and slide around.

  27. Christina says:

    I love where it talks about how older siblings can help without fear of bonking the baby's head and the bath will help support baby's neck and back. I think this will come in very handy with a big sister who, I have a feeling, will want to take part in bathtime!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Jen Driscoll says:

    Visited the website & I learned that When your baby grows and graduates to a tub, Blooming Bath does too: No more slipping around in a big, slick bathtub — Blooming Bath keeps your baby’s bottom right where it should be. how awesome is that? I love products that last through several stages!

  29. Tiffanie says:

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! I visited the website and I LOVE how easy it is to clean up afterwards. I can just put it in the dryer to dry!

  30. Tanya Stephens says:

    I have visited the website before,and fell in love with the design.I am pregnant right now with my second baby and I am a single mom. I had the hardest time finding something like this for my first. I love that it's so easy to dry and that it's so comfy for baby. It makes me want one in my size! I love the idea that I would not have to use the tub all the time of some small plastic tub that isn't comfortable for baby. I am in love with this product so much!
    (I entered to comment here before but it wouldn't let me comment so I moved myself over to a firefox browser to see if that worked instead. Sorry if there is any confusion)

  31. The Anglin Family says:

    I need one! 🙂 I love that it's so soft and comfy, unlike the hard plastic tubs!! It looks super easy to clean and use! And it's super cute!

  32. 4df76f30-51a0-11e1-b897-000bcdcb471e says:

    My favorite feature was that baby can keep using the Blooming Bath for a long while because it fits in bigger sinks! I learned that it is super comfy and secure for bath time. Good Luck to every one!

  33. 4df76f30-51a0-11e1-b897-000bcdcb471e says:

    My favorite feature was that baby can keep using the Blooming Bath for a long while because it fits in bigger sinks! I learned that it is super comfy and secure for bath time. Good Luck to every one! (I wrote a comment a minute ago but my user name does not show? just in case my email is [email protected])

  34. Everything Amber* says:

    Blooming Bath is a cute, cuddly and convenient way to bathe your baby! I like that it is available in Yellow for moms that are keeping it a suprise! Thanks!

  35. Everything Amber* says:

    @Modernmomma1 it wouldnt let me enter either of my names but youtube is mrsdawn10 and blogger is Everything Amber*. Hope this allows me those two raffles!!!

  36. Neuriel says:

    I love this idea with the other bathtub i used for my daughter i was so scared to even reach for the soap or washcloth and now that i'm pregnant again my dr says i'll have to be taken early and i'm so scared to wash him in the tub we had for lily and she was a full term this looks so much better and alot more comfortable for the baby too

  37. Devan says:

    I love that this is machine washable, can be brought to grandma's house easily and that it is a sunflower. I Love sunflowers 🙂

  38. Kenzie says:

    My husband would love this! He was always so nervous about giving our kids baths when they were really small but this would help him tremendously with baby #3. And I love that it was invented by four Dads!

  39. ecj0320 says:

    I love that you can easily throw it in the washer and dryer to clean. Plus, it's nice that it's so soft & not hard plastic!

  40. Simply Amazing says:

    I love the soft material and how cushion-y it looks. I think it will also help keep them a tad bit warmer than the plastic bathtub, which I am sure the baby will be happy about!

  41. MissModernDream says:

    I love how after using it we can hang it up to dry because we have a small apartment with very little space! I also love the idea of having something cushiony for baby to relax in during a bath versus hard plastic!

  42. Sara says:

    This is such a wonderful giveaway…thank you!! There are so many things I love about this baby bath! First and foremost, I love how you can throw it in the washer and dryer! I'm a total germaphobe so I LOVE that concept. I love how it conforms to any shape sink and how it gives your baby wonderful support…looks like you can also use it in the bathtub as well so it seems very versatile! I love all 3 color options and how you can have the option to hang it up to dry as well! You are so awesome for doing this!!

  43. Pregnant With #3 says:

    I really love that its that minty material and EXTREMELY comfortable for baby, which is very important… newborns really enjoy soothing things and the more comfortably the better. The bright vibrant colors are also awesome, nothing so dull but yet nothing crazy… simple and cute. The fact that is dries quickly, easy to wash + machine washable which is a 100% plus…. and one last thing… something even myself as a mom can absolutely adore 🙂

  44. Val says:

    This is such a neat product! I love that it is so versatile and that the product was created by 4 dads! How cool is that? And I do love that they reuse their scraps in an Eco-friendly way, thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  45. Amanda says:

    I love how soft it looks! I hated the hard baby bath tubs! This looks so comfortable for baby! And how much more adorable can it get?!

  46. MrsNumbers09 says:

    I love the softness of this….we don't have a bathtub so being able to use the sink with this product is awesome. We had a plastic tub with our son and it was a pain to fill with water and move to where we wanted it and it wasn't as comfortable as this either.

  47. kathymarie says:

    brilliant idea! thanks for introducing it! on the website I learned that four dads cofounded and created the blooming bath! my hat's off to them!

  48. the blank book says:

    This product is amazing, and CUTE! Being a mom of 3 and having used every tub, and contraption out there, I wish the Blooming Bath had been around then! I know for sure I will never go back! And I LOVE that it's antimicrobial! I'm a little bit of "clean freak" so any extra help at keeping things fresh for my little ones is awesome! Even if I don't win this giveaway, I will for SURE be purchasing a Blooming Bath for my newest little one due out September 2012. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this product with us! Two thumbs up!

  49. Brody & Lee's Momma :) says:

    This product is amazing!! What surprised me, is that this company was co-founded by four dads!! I LOVE dedicated fathers :))

  50. beth k. says:

    i love how easy it looks to use at the sink–it's always so awkward doing a baby bath at the kitchen sink. This would definitely be much easier on the back!

  51. beeyutful♥ says:

    I love this baby bath, it looks so comfy! The tricot mesh back and antimicrobial foam are a plus bc the baby seat we're using is just a cheap mesh backing with a pillow on the back. Miss Lyla would love this!!

  52. Happy Husband, Happy Wife, Happy Life says:

    What a great idea! I love that this can easily be thrown into the wash and dryer without the hassle of a bulky plastic tub!

  53. Jen says:

    Love this product! It looks like a fantastic idea and I really like that it folds up smaller. I used to use a huge plastic tub for my previous two children and it was such a pain to store! This looks like exactly what I want for my next.

  54. pixiechic1313 says:

    I loved everything about the blooming bath! I wish they had been around for my kids! I would love to win one for my granddaughter 🙂

  55. mrs.damiani says:

    i live how cute and simple it seems to not have to lugg around tht big tub and how fast it dries plus is super plush for baby!

  56. Christi Sykes says:

    love that it fits in the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink! It looks so cozy….wish they made them for adults 🙂

  57. LovinBeingaMommy says:

    I love the Blooming Bath.Its so adorable and easy to use. I love how it can fit in any sink so that makes traveling so much easier than trying to pack a regular baby bath. Also its way easier to clean and dry, I hate cleaning baby baths because so hard at time to make sure that you have clean all the areas in the tub. And with two kids we are going to need items that aren't as time consuming.

  58. Jensheppick says:

    I love that they are made out of fabric, no more having to worry about baby slipping. And the site says they are handmade..which is awesome! Cute colors!

  59. myfullsizedlife says:

    I love the safety aspects of it – yeah, it's adorably cute (but it's baby stuff… very few things aren't!) – but I know with my clumsy self, I worry about slipping and sliding with plastic baths. Plus, babies are wiggly – and not having to dump out nasty bath water while tryin' to keep the little one out of trouble is amazing. 🙂

  60. angie3g says:

    I love that it looks so soft and comfy, you don't have to worry about sliding and it's actually able to be washed in the washer!!!

  61. Nicole says:

    I love how adorable and unique and looks and that it seems so much more soft and comfy than a regular bathtub even with a sling for newborns.

  62. The Robbins Nest says:

    Morgan, This is so cute. I already have two and wish that they would have had this cute bath for my first two. I think it would be fun to try. SO excited for you. You are getting so close. Exciting.

  63. MirB says:

    I love that they now offer PINK!!! It used to just be the blue and yellow! I love that it is so soft and can fit into any size sink. Such a cool product!

  64. Joni McDoniel says:

    I love that will fit into any size sink! We travel quite a bit and it would be perfect to throw in the car and use in hotel rooms.

  65. Ramona says:

    Love the fact that baby will be comfortable while bathing since soft material is so much more comfy than plastic and warmer too! The fact that this product is eco friendly is also a super bonus!

  66. Shaymacbean says:

    I am so impressed with the design and materials of this product. I also appreciate and respect the companies economical decision to reuse left over material from the baths petals to make wash cloths. Before being introduced to The Blooming bath, I had thought the Puj baby tub was the premier tub for having the most practical design. However, from the moment I saw the Blooming bath I fell in love with the style, materials etc. Hands down this product has my vote for most innovative baby product of the year! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these! I will definitely be spreading the word to other mommies.

  67. The Riebeek Family says:

    I love the convenience of it! (When your baby’s bath is over, just rinse, wring and throw it into the dryer. )

    michellehaskell at gmail dot com

  68. Laney says:

    I love how convenient this is, that it can fit into any sink. That is great. Their site talks about the hard plastic ones…and I think this is a great alternative.

  69. ItsMelissasLife says:

    I LOVE that it will fit in any sink and that it is comfortable, my little one hates the tub and it gets super cold since it's plastic I would love to try thos product 🙂

  70. •°o The Rollins Family o°• says:

    This is super awesome and I love the comfort of them. Looks like its also definitely easy for travel since it folds small rather than a bulky plastic tub that does not!!!

  71. urban simplicity says:

    I love this product because it is eco-friendly by using reusable wash cloths. I also like how easy it is to store and perfect for me and my small home…

  72. Amber and Mark says:

    I would love to win this beautiful bath for my sister and her husband…her name is Autumn and she has been battling pcos for a long time and couldn't get pregnant. She is finally expecting a baby girl in June and I would love for them to have this so that when they travel they can give her a bath anywhere. I love that this product was created by four dads so that you can enjoy giving your baby a bath and not have to lean over a bathtub and also it looks so comfy for baby to lay in. 🙂

  73. Rebeca K. says:

    I've seen a lot of my friends put towels in their sinks for their baby's bathtime but the towel just lined the bottom and not the sides too. I love that the Blooming Bath fits in any sink and lines all the sides of the sink with the soft cushioned petals so baby is protected and suported and comfortable. I also love that Bloomin Bath recycles their scraps into washcloths to minimize their mark on the invironment 🙂

  74. jjones says:

    I love that it and be washed and dried. I love that it covers the entire sink, ensuring safety for all babies. I love that it is so easy to TRAVEL with. It may even be a pillow for a car passenger not in a carseat!

  75. Mary says:

    I love that it is antimicrobial. Our kitchen sink is an old cast iron thing that is sooooo cold in the winter…as is our bathtub. I don't want to put my baby up against that!

  76. Alex & Malisa says:

    I love how stinking adorable it is! I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to bathe their baby in one?! Lol. Super cute. Looks soft and easy to take care of.

  77. ~Mom2One~ says:

    I love the blooming bath! It looks like it's so comfy and I love that it will virtually fit any sink. A big plus is that a squirmy little newborn wont flop and slide around!!

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  79. Terri says:

    I am a new grandma to Regan Marie. When I went to visit her for the first time, her mom introduced me to the blooming bath. It is absolutely adorable. During Regan’s bath she was so content and comfy. She didn’t cry at all and the experience was a dream for us all, mom and dad and I. We were all were fascinated by the ease of use, the total cuteness and how peaceful the bath time was. I am going to be a grandma again in Nov. and would love to have one for my next granddaughter, Carly. What a great idea this is.

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