The Glorious Sound of a Zipper

Don’t think the sound of a zipper is glorious?  Then you haven’t been stuck in maternity clothes!  For the past 8 months I’ve been suck in elastic waist pants (I started wearing maternity jeans at 5 months and then until 3 months after birth since I refused to buy jeans in a size larger than my pre-pregnancy size!)  And trust me, after the novelty of wearing maternity clothes for the first time wears off, you can’t wait to get back into your regular clothes!
The past week I’ve been dedicated to eating better and being more active.  I’ve also been bound and determined to pack up all of my maternity clothes and hide them until my next pregnancy.  Since the birth of Mabel on the 14th of February I have lost a total of 40 pounds (yep, I packed the baby poundage on).  Yay me!  So I figured it was time to treat myself to some new clothes!
I found these bad boys online:
 And if you’re curious they are cropped jeans by Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s (I bought this color and the same pair in white).  And let me tell you I’m not normally one that buys stuff endorsed by celebrities since I think it’s cheesy but my sister in law had a pair of these and I loved them!  I’m also not a huge Kohl’s shopper but I figured I’d give it a chance.  Anyway, these jeans were on sale from $54.99 and they are online now if you like them!
I also ordered some other cute tops…all Lauren Conrad brand…all adorable!
But let’s get back to the zipper!  I ordered my pre-pregnancy size and when the box got here today I quickly ripped it open, found the jeans, and ran upstairs.  I’ll admit I was nervous to try them on and afraid they wouldn’t fit.  I inched them up…they fit so far.  I got them to my waist and went for the zipper.  Here was the moment of truth…the sweet sound of a zipper going all the way up!  Haha, too bad I couldn’t have a cheer squad rooting for me!  Nothing was better than looking in the mirror and seeing the pre-pregnancy me slowly taking shape again.  They are a tad tight, but if I continue to lose weight like I am, they’ll fit nicely and who knows, maybe I’ll have to buy them again in a smaller size!
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