I Am Not A Black Friday Shopper

I just don’t have it in me…

After a day of cooking, there is no way you’re getting me out of the house and into the cold super early in the morning to battle with strangers over a couple of deals.  I just can’t and won’t do it.

I’d rather pay a little extra for something than sit in traffic or hustle through a store.  Maybe it’s because I’m a tad claustrophobic and can’t stand a million people in my personal space?

Plus…most deals that appeal to me are online!  🙂  Woo hoo!

So what did I do on Black Friday?

I got my hair did.  I really just said that.

And this wasn’t intentional…I planned it almost two months ago without looking at the calendar.  But it turned out for the best…there was no one at the salon.

My hair is now pretty close to my natural color and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever go back to 100% natural.  I think I’ll continue to do highlights since I like the texture that it makes my hair.  It gives it more dimension and it’s easier to care for than before I colored it.  If I would have known that piece of info, I would have colored it earlier.

And it was a pretty good day with the exception of the shampoo girl massaging my scalp to death…and I’m too much of a nice person to have said anything.  When she went for the second round of conditioner I cringed.  🙁

My only Black Friday purchase:  It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask.  It was on sale at 20% off from my salon and I’m excited to try it out.  My stylist says she uses it and loves it, but told me since my hair is fine to use it just once a week for a moisture/conditioning boost.

The one pesky thing that bothered me today = some older lady that didn’t tip my stylist well.  She had the appointment before me so she was checking out as I came in.  Her hair looked amazing and I heard her tell the lady up front she wanted to tip 10%.  Wow…I firmly believe that people who rely heavily on tips (like hairstylists and waitstaff) should be tipped 20% if they give you great service.  I don’t think people understand that tips are a big chunk of their income….so if you get service that you’re happy about…please tip wellThey’ll really appreciate it.

Okay no more preaching from me!  If you decided to brave the crowds today and scored some amazing deals…I’m proud of you!  Cause this chica isn’t as ballsy as you!  🙂  I’ll be chillin’ in my sweatpants waiting for Cyber Monday.  I’ll let you all know if I find any deals worth sharing too!  😉

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