I Bought My Hospital Bag – More Vera Bradley

Well, not exactly a ‘hospital’ bag…but more like my birth center bag! 🙂 Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to buy another Vera Bradley bag but this is the one I purchased:

I can’t wait to show it off in my next baby buys video…yep, I know I’m late with those too!
It was on sale so that’s why I finally caved and bought it.  It’s the XL Duffel and the perfect size for all the stuff you need to bring with you for your birth.  Plus, I just love this pattern!  It’s in the print called Floral Nightingale.
When I get my bag packed, which should be over the next 2-3 weeks, I’ll make a vlog and show you all what I put in it.  Keep in mind though that it will be different than a hospital bag since I won’t need as many days worth of clothes for the birth center.
And of course when I was unpackaging the duffel a little card fell out that said Vera Bradley was about to release their spring designs/patterns…all of which are very cute if I do say so myself.  Soooo, now I’ll just need to find something else I need to buy in a new pattern.  :)*We’ve dropped to #36…take a sec and click to vote*
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2 thoughts on “I Bought My Hospital Bag – More Vera Bradley

  1. Elle says:

    Hi Morgan! I am a new reader and I love your blog! I am 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Your old posts have been so informative for me!

    I cannot wait to see what is on the birth centre list and compare it to the list for a hospital birth.

  2. Modern Momma says:

    Hi Elle! I'm sooo glad you found the blog/vlogs! Congrats on your pregnancy with your first! Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl yet?

    I don't think my list will be too different from the typical hospital list, I'll just need less items since they release you 4-8 hours after you have your baby at my birth center. Most people think this sounds crazy, lol! But we've had to take a class about infant health care and they won't release you until they are sure that Baby is in great condition. Also, I have to call my midwife every few hours to report on her stats, have a dr's appointment the next day, and the lactation nurse consultant from the center actually makes a home visit to check up on the 3rd day. 🙂

    I can't wait to update everyone on how this goes! Luckily I have my in-laws coming to help out for 2 weeks too!

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