I Can’t Sleep

 Okay…here’s my semi-rant and random post for the day.  I’ve been slacking on my posts lately so I’m vowing to get back to posting daily.  And this is the reason why I’ve been slacking:
One would think that a new mommy would have no issues sleeping whenever possible.  But me, I’m the exception to this rule.  I can’t fall asleep until 2-4 in the morning and then have to get up within 3 hours to hangout with Mabel once she’s awake.  I’ve discovered for the most part that if she wakes up for a feeding any time after 5am, she’s up for good and there’s no getting her back to sleep.  That leaves me even more tired and desperate for a nap..and of course the days that she wakes up super early are the days that she wants to stay up for 6 hours straight, making it impossible for me to snag a nap during the day.  And then…if I take a nap once Hubby gets home, I’m even more awake in the evening.  It’s like one giant vicious cycle of me not sleeping.  Grrr…Hopefully this will all work itself out shortly because I love my bed and would greatly enjoy sleeping in it more often.  
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2 thoughts on “I Can’t Sleep

  1. More Than Favors says:

    🙁 Jude isn't due until July 25th. But I am sorry you can't sleep I can't imagine not sleeping afterwards… I am so tired now.

  2. Sherille Jill says:

    I feel for you because I experienced this sleep issue too when I had my first baby. I think you should ask your husband or any person in the house to help you take care of your child so you can regulate a sleeping pattern together.

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