I Have Never Been This Thirsty Before!

I just thought I’d share with you that I’ve never been as thirsty as I have been the past two weeks!  We just went shopping, and you know it’s bad when you’re unloading groceries and find that you’ve bought over 10 different types of juices, sparkling water, coconut water and milk!  Haha…and of course all of this results in tons of bathroom trips.  I have never been so afraid to be in a new location where I have no idea where the restroom is.  Also, I’m not liking having to wake up one/two times a night to make a bathroom run.  I can’t count the dreams that I’ve had where I’m actually dreaming about finding a bathroom, only to wake up and realize my bladder is screaming out to me.  Haha…ok enough of my pregnant lady rant.  I’m off to bed (sleep is another thing that I can’t get enough of!).

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