I Have No Follow-Through

I have no follow-through when it comes to working out…and I give up fairly quick on trying to eat better.  There…I said it.  But that’s about to change!

Getting in the ‘healthy’ mindset.

I’ve always been envious of those super fit ladies you see running around the neighborhood, you know, the ladies that look amazing in their brightly colored workout clothes and sleek ponytails…and then there’s me in my baggy sweats, old logo tee-shirts and hot mess for hair.  But hey, it’s fitness…not a beauty competition. 

In my dvd drawer you’ll find a ton of workout dvd programs that I quit shortly after starting.

Friends say join a gym…and I say, I don’t want the fees, not to mention my lovely little town in Delaware doesn’t have many options (especially gyms that have childcare).

My husband bought a jogging stroller…so why not run?  I’ve never been a runner and I hate it….lol, I’ll leave the jogging stroller to him for his exclusive use.

And lately I’ve been feeling that I’m way overdue to get back to the shape I was in when I met my husband.  I felt good about myself, I ate decently and my metabolism was through the roof.  After having Mabel I’m not thrilled with my body, I eat junk, and my metabolism has jumped off a cliff.  I’m not going to be too hard on myself though, my BMI is within the healthy range for my body type and height…but I know I need to take responsibility for my health….it’s time.

There’s a lot of motivation.  I want to feel good, I want to go shopping for clothes that will fit (I’m guilty of hardly buying anything new since Mabel was born since I refuse to buy pants that fit my current size), and most importantly I want to be in better shape when the time comes for getting pregnant with our next baby (it will be at least another year away so I have plenty of time!).

I don’t want to lose a ton of weight…I just want to be healthy and happy.

Here is my plan of attack:  healthy food in the house (I can’t promise that I won’t occasionally sneak something ‘bad’ for me or order out because depriving myself of those goodies just can’t be tolerated, lol!), starting TurboFire and sticking to it, and    tracking my sleep, calories and steps with my FitBit Flex (it was just released so they are a tad hard to find right now).

My TurboFire straight out of the box.
Stocked my fridge with healthier options for snacking.
FitBit Flex slate
My FitBit Flex in Slate.

TurboFire is a 90 day program and I’ve already taken my ‘before’ pics (which are super embarrassing) and I plan on doing updates during the 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day marks.  Not sure if I’ll be brave enough to post comparison pics…but I’ll think about it.  I also bought my copy on Amazon since shipping was faster than buying it directly through BeachBody and so far, I’m 5 days in to the program.  There is a learning curve for those of us who are challenged when it comes to choreography, but I’m slowly getting it and getting a super intense workout each day.  Also, I’ve found it enjoyable so far.  Gasp…is that really possible??  Other videos that I’ve tried in the past, I end up dreading doing on a daily basis, but TurboFire has been different.  The music is fun and Chalene Johnson is enjoyable too (I’m the type that if I find the host of the dvd annoying, I will turn it off).

I will not give up!

Okay, so stay tuned for updates.  I promise to not flake out this time!

Are there workouts that you absolutely love?


3 thoughts on “I Have No Follow-Through

  1. Amanda says:

    Good for you! I hope you will post before/after pics! I am 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd right now (My first son just turned 1 a couple weeks ago!), so I am keeping my eye out for a program I can do post-baby. Right now I’m just walking the neighborhood 2-3 times a week, which is 2-3 workouts more/week than I did last pregnancy, haha! I just bought a pregnancy fitness dvd from Target over the weekend, so I will be starting on that soon hopefully! I enjoyed your post! Keep us updated!

    • Morgan says:

      Well I took the pics, so maybe if I get good enough results I will… 😉 I’ve been doing it for about a week now and feel pretty good! And what you’re doing now is awesome! The better shape you stay in while pregnant the easier it’ll make it for you to get back to your ‘before baby’ body. 🙂 Keep me posted on how you’re doing!

  2. Casey says:

    I know the struggle! I want to workout but I can never get up the willpower to do it. Going to the gym is never fun unless you have someone to go with you and having a little one makes that near impossible for hubby and I to go together! I literally quit buying junk so that way I couldn’t be tempted to eat it. I hope this works for you I may give it a try too!

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