I Know a Great Stroller Deal When I See One

I found out about this deal today from some other momma’s and just thought I’d spread the goodness!  The Britax B Ready Free Ride Event is back!  Apparently they did the same thing last year but since I wasn’t expecting, I wasn’t really concerned with buying a stroller, lol!
For any big purchase I always do my research, no matter how good the deal is.  Soooo with my ‘Baby Bible’ (that’s what I call the book, Baby Bargains…go buy it if you don’t have it already!) I researched Britax and was happy to find that they rate them very highly!  But…that wasn’t good enough for this Modern Momma!  I needed to see it for myself, or well, YouTube it for myself.  I live kinda in a boonies with no stores near me that carry Britax.  I found this wonderful review:
Watch it now!
Are you sold yet?!  Well…the Free Ride deal is this:  buy a Britax B Ready stroller and another toddler seat, pram type carrier or an infant car seat for free!  Pretty good deal if you ask me.  The only thing you may have an issue with is the price…retailing online anywhere from $400-$500 (Target.com and Amazon have the cheapest prices I’ve found online)…it’s a pretty hefty price.  But, just make yourself feel better by saying you’re getting a $200 option for free.  😉  Plus…it can fit two kids!!!!  Way cool in my book!  So since we plan on having our 2nd baby relatively close after our first, I won’t have to buy a whole new stroller, saving me money in the long run.
Okay ladies…so here is the official link to the Britax site with the Free Ride Info…it starts today and goes for a month or until supplies last.  
I plan on ordering mine after we find out the gender on Monday 😉  Of course I have to pick the color accordingly!

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