It’s Time For Spanx

I’ve come to the realization that by next Monday…I will not be back at my pre-pregnancy weight.  Why does it matter?  Well, that’s the day that my husband has his promotion ceremony where he will pin on as Captain and that means I need to get slightly dressed up.  Only problem is I still have my little ‘Buddha belly’ (more like Mabel belly to be exact) and my thighs are still a little bit larger than I’d like.  I also hate the idea of buying a new dress in a size larger than I’ll be once I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and that I’d never (hopefully never) wear again.
So that’s the predicament.  What’s the solution?  SPANX!  
‘The Higher Panty’!  Umm…why do they always use super skinny models…does she really need SPANX in the first place?  And I bet she’s never had a baby either, lol!   Taken from
 This is the pair I’m getting…controls the baby belly and the thighs!  Score!
I used to sell them when I worked at Nordstrom back in college and thought, I’ll never wear those.  Haha!  Well, look at me now!  I’m buying a pair after I post this and my postpartum butt is gonna fit back in my old clothes (I’m not settling for anything less).  Those ladies that I would sell them to swore by them and said they work miracles.  I figure it’s worth the $36 bucks if it can smooth me out a little until the last 7 pounds come off.  That way, I can buy the dress in my normal size and then be able to wear it again.  I love how this momma brain works!  😉
AND I’ll be sure to post a review of what I think of them after I test them out!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time For Spanx

  1. dcford says:

    I never bought a pair of spanx until post-baby either! only had to wear them once or twice, but a word of caution – they can get SO HOT! especially that style with the high waist and legs. But they do the trick!

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