January Cara Box Reveal!

Cara Box

This month I decided to try something new!  Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals runs a monthly  box exchange and it’s open to everyone.  Basically each month has a theme and you get paired with two bloggers…one you’ll be sending a box to and one you’ll be getting a box from.  There is a $15 limit and you spend the first half of the month getting to know each other through email, twitter, or however you’d like!

This month’s theme was Resolutions.

And I got to send my box to Mandy (you can see what I sent her by clicking her name!) and I received a lovely box from Maddie over at A Tinge of Whimsy!

Maddie and I have exchanged emails through this crazy, busy month.  She’s been on a trip to Boston to visit her new niece, ill with the flu, and dealing with unusual wintery weather in North Carolina all while trying to get to Miami to see her man, Luke Bryan.  🙂

After finding out about some of my New Year’s Resolutions and my goal to make time for myself (it’s soooo easy to overlook your own needs when you have a little one, right?!)…she hooked me up with an awesome package to pamper myself!

A nice little note from Maddie...I love getting things in the mail!
A nice little note from Maddie…I love getting things in the mail!
A bunch of pampering goodies!
A bunch of pampering goodies!

Maddie surprised me with chap-stick (and oh my goodness have I been needing some lately!), some Lindt chocolates (my favorites!), shimmery orange nail polish, a nail file, a peppermint bath fizz, and a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card!  All lovely little things to help remind me to take care of myself every once and a while.  😉

She did good, didn’t she?!
Thank you soooo much Maddie!

Oh and here was my little experiment with the new Vine app (if you have Vine, search for me at Modern Mommyhood)…enjoy!

7 thoughts on “January Cara Box Reveal!

  1. maddie says:

    So glad you love it!!!My box is coming international so once I get it, i’ll do a post and link back to you:) had so much fun getting to know you this month! Hope you get to a winery soon!

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