Learning to Breast Feed – The 2nd Attempt

Well, it’s not really the 2nd attempt, but I had my second meeting with a lactation consultant.  I met with a different lady due to the first one being an hour away from my house.  With all the craziness it was easier to go to the lactation consultant at the local hospital and I admit I was skeptical at first.  Why you might ask?  Skeptical because I really wanted a home visit rather than going to an office in a hospital, but I went with an open mind.  I really want to breast feed so I kept telling myself to try it for Mabel (and not to mention it was a bonus that the local hospital doesn’t charge you a thing for a consultation!).
Once there, we carried a sleeping Mabel in her car seat all the across the hospital to the lactation consultant’s office and we got to business!  I made sure Hubby came with me because I figured an extra pair of ears and eyes would be helpful in remembering what I was told once we got home and were trying it for real on our own (good idea since he’s been a ton of help this evening).
I must admit it’s interesting now that I’ve met with two lactation consultants how different their ideas can be.  And this isn’t a bad thing.  I figure the more ways I know how to try feeding Mabel, the better.  This lady was pretty much all about Mabel figuring it out on her own rather than me directing everything.  And this seems to have worked.  I’m already thinking Mabel might be headstrong, lol!  She pretty much finds the breast on her own in her own time (that’s what I was taught today) and then I just help with ‘sandwiching’ my nipple/areola for her to be able to latch correctly.
Some of you know that I was talking on Facebook about her not latching correctly because of me not seeing her bottom lip flip out like a fish.  I asked the consultant today and was told that Mabel’s chin is tiny and slightly more recessed so that I won’t see her latch exactly like the pictures online.  Also, her bottom lip is very tiny and might night be able to flip out as much as I’ve been seeing online yet.  So, technically she is latching correctly.  Yay!
This weekend, I’m supposed to feed constantly and not use a bottle (this lady was pretty much anti-bottle until Mabel realizes the breast is where she needs to go for food and that the breast doesn’t flow as fast as a bottle).  But, I’m finding this semi-impossible though.  While she’s learning, she has to realize that the breast is slower and she needs to relax that my milk doesn’t come as fast as the bottle…this just led to a latch session for almost 2 hours since she hasn’t established sufficient sucking yet.  Therefore I feel like she needs to be topped off with a little from the bottle.  Or else I’d have a baby on my boob 24/7.  I don’t think a bottle every once in a while will completely screw up our efforts…plus it will help maintain my sanity!  😉 
I’ll keep you all updated on this journey!
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5 thoughts on “Learning to Breast Feed – The 2nd Attempt

  1. connie says:

    Keep it up. but you definetely need to listen the LC if u keep giving her the bottle now it will never work. Either way i feel your pain and frustration i was there. Like gabby said your doing great 🙂

  2. Becca says:

    At least you tried and not giving up. I also experience the first time i breast feed.You'll get use to it sooner.

  3. Modern Momma says:

    Thanks for all the positive comments ladies. It's still pretty challenging right now but I'm still trying. I'll be posting a vlog over the next couple of days explaining what we've had to deal with and how everything is going. 🙂

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