Mabel vs Goose

Mabel vs Goose

She’s a unique little girl, lol!

The first thing she did after arriving in Texas was split her forehead open.  The next thing she did was meet a goose.  One she wasn’t that fond off…

This guy:

Mabel vs goose

We were at the local pond feeding the ducks, geese and beavers and this one goose got a little too pushy for her taste.  Now, it’s hard to tell in the photo but the goose was as tall as Mabel and pretty hefty too.

As she eagerly held out pieces of bread, this one goose got super close and wouldn’t back down.  It was borderline to the point where I was nervous he was going to bite/chase her.

So what did Mabel do?

Went on the offensive.  She pushed him with two hands.  What?!

The goose let out a really ticked off cry and sauntered away to another family who was also handing out bread.

Um, I guess that’s one way to handle pushy geese.

And don’t worry, the goose was fine…and Mabel got a talking to about not touching/pushing wild animals.  🙂


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