Millie at Two Months

Oh Millie…

Millie at Two Months

That silly baby was two months old this past Tuesday and she’s the cheekiest baby I think I’ve ever met…and I mean that as in her face is truly 90% cheeks.  And I’m totally guilty of loving the baby chub. It’s a whole new experience since Mabel had absolutely no ounce of baby fat.

I’ll sit there and lightly poke Millie’s cheeks…and then she smiles…and then I do it again.  🙂

Here’s the two month rundown:

  • Millie learned how to really smile.
  • She weighs just about 13 pounds.
  • She wears 6 month onesies and size 2 diapers.
  • Occasionally she’ll take a pacifier.
  • She’s still exclusively breastfeeding.
  • Millie has had one bottle.  We just tested it out this past weekend I’m super excited that I can now leave the house for over two hours since my husband can feed her.
  • She still has colic but it’s starting to get better (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself).
  • Millie has a storkbite on her forehead (between her eyes) and a huge one on the back of her head but you can’t see it because of her hair.  The one on her forehead has started to fade since birth.

As for me, I’m getting used to having hardly any time to myself…and honestly it’s a big adjustment since I was enjoying the freedoms I had with Mabel being pretty independent.  But I’m living in the moment and I know that the crazy newborn time will pass before I know it and I’ll miss it (well, maybe not all of it).  I should be in bed as I’m typing this (it’s after midnight) but it’s the only time I have to veg out and do mind numbing things on the computer.

Also, I’m still wearing maternity pants.  Is it bad that I haven’t even tried on my regular jeans?  I already know they won’t fit yet so why do that to myself?  Lol!  Seriously…when am I supposed to fit working out into my day?

I’ll worry about that another day…but right now sweatpants and over-sized t-shirts feel pretty darn good!  😉



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