More Business of Being Born

If you follow this blog…you’ll know that I’ve already talked about the fabulous documentary: The Business of Being Born.  I had this wonderful idea today of buying myself a copy and found my way to the official website.  Only to find an even better surprise!  They are about to release a sequel…well, sort of.  It’s a 4 part series that you can either order or purchase for download online.  They interview celebrity moms who’ve had natural births and the best part….drum roll please….they go to meet Ina May Gaskin on The Farm!  That’s another person to get to know if you have no idea who I’m talking about.  🙂
Watch the trailer:
If you haven’t seen the original…I’m going to tell you again…find it and watch it!  It’s what inspired my husband and I to want to have a natural birth in the first place.  Until we had seen it, we hadn’t even thought about ever having our baby anywhere but a hospital.  So, seeing the movie was a nice surprise into letting us know that there are other options out there that would better suit us.  I’m actually pretty excited for labor and can’t wait to have (or at least try) a water birth with midwives at our birth center (and of course meet our little girl!).
Anyway, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next 4 parts of this documentary!
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