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 I finally have a bump and I love showing it off!
But I realized about a week ago that I didn’t have enough maternity clothes.  I’ve already bought quite a bit but the problem is that I needed clothes that would get me through hot weather and now that it’s getting chilly, I needed warmer things.  Also, I hate constantly doing laundry, so three pairs of jeans just weren’t cutting it!  Not to mention the three pairs of pants I have are ‘regulars’, which work with flip-flops, but since I normally wear ‘longs’, the regulars are too short for wearing boots or sneakers.  And of course, nothing is worse than being pregnant and wearing ‘floods’ in the winter, haha!!!  
I’m all about being stylish but I find it hard to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes since I won’t get to wear them for more than one season (well, I plan on saving them and wearing them again for the next pregnancy).  I want to be thrifty but then again, I don’t want clothes that are going to fall apart on me after wearing them a few times.  The three places where my clothes have come from are:  Destination Maternity (includes Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod), Old Navy, and Target.  I like all three places but love Old Navy for jeans (ironically their non-maternity jeans don’t fit my body type and I can’t wear them).  Old Navy’s denim and construction seem to be way better than Destination Maternity brand or Target…plus Old Navy makes ‘longs’ and ‘shorts’ if you need!  Anyway…they had a 30% off for 48 hours sale the other day and I took full advantage.
Um…yeah, I spent too much.
 I should be set for fall/winter, but I can’t guarantee anything, lol!  I know for sure I’ll need either some leggings or tights for some cuter outfits around the holidays…and whenever I go to buy those things, I know I’ll probably buy more.
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3 thoughts on “More Maternity Clothes – Old Navy

  1. Haley says:

    I bought ALL my maternity clothes from Old Navy! It's so reasonably priced, especially if they have a good sale. And they're cute too!

  2. HannahThompson says:

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  3. Farah says:

    Really nice blog! I got my maternity wears from morph maternity,they are very comfy and affordable!Easily shopped them online and got my orders on time.

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