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sparkly gymnastics leotard

Last year, many of you will remember that we tried Mabel out in a ballet/tap classThat lasted about two months (once a week).  Between Mabel having a tiny bit of separation anxiety, another child who was a bit rough, and ballet just being a little slow to keep her attention…we just felt it wasn’t for her at the time.  I’m all for having our girls exposed to lots of things in life but I figure if they don’t love it, why force them to do it? 

So we waited a year.

And what a difference a year makes!

We entered the gym and Mabel was immediately awestruck by the class of older girls who were running around, climbing ropes, jumping on trampolines…so much so, that she tried to run out and join their class, lol!

Other little girls her age in sparkly leotards started arriving and she got even more excited…she insisted on saying ‘hi’ to all of them.  🙂  Then her class began, she happily joined the group and forgot we were even there.

Again…like last year, they don’t allow parents to stay for the whole class.  You can come back and watch the last ten minutes though…which surprisingly didn’t bother me as much as it did last year.  I guess because she’s older and had no hesitation this time around.

An hour later we showed back up to take her home…and then the waterworks began.  And they weren’t from having a bad time, in fact she loved it so much she wanted us to leave so she could play more.  Lol!  I can handle that type of crying, haha!  Silly girl!

And here comes my corny mom talk…
Preschool, along with tumbling class have made me so very happy these past two weeks…seeing Mabel grow and experience new thing has been really rewarding.  And though it’s bittersweet to watch her grow up, moments like these are where it’s at.  😉


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