Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe and A Clumsy Pregnant Chick

While watching tv on this cold Saturday afternoon I had the genius idea of making some delicious Nutella hot chocolate.  Sounded like a great idea to me!  I’d never made it before but it since I love anything with Nutella, I figured I would attempt it.  So I did and this is what I got:

 Now, I know I’m not a Starbucks barista and my whipped cream pouring leaves something to be desired but it still looked and smelled great in person.  Only little did I know disaster was only minutes away.

I carried my cup to my computer to reply to some YouTube comments and BAM! Knocked the whole darn thing into my lap…burning hot and all.  I screamed, Hubby freaked out, and then I started crying…not because it was too hot (thank goodness it had cooled a bit and I didn’t scald myself…but it still hurt) but because I was worried about all the things I had just spilled the hot chocolate on.  All over my clothes (and it was the shirt that I had saved from the nosebleed the other week, I’m beginning to think that shirt is unlucky), all over 3 North Face jackets, all over my mail, my Vera Bradley purse, the wall, floor and my slippers.  UGH!  Hubby cleaned everything up while I ran upstairs to try to save my clothes and jackets from the stains.  I’ll know in an hour when the clothes come out from the dryer if I was successful.  I think the jackets and purse were saved…not sure about the shirt and pants.

What a way to celebrate being 30 weeks pregnant right??

After cheering myself up from my depression (the depression would have lasted if the hot chocolate would have landed on my computer), I decided I would make another batch.  So, now I’m typing this on the couch and enjoying my new cup of hot chocolate…and hopefully not spilling it all over myself again.

It’s gotta have something to do with being pregnant, since I’ve never been so much of a klutz.

Anyway…want to make some Nutella Hot Chocolate?  Here’s how I did it:
Adapted from The Hungry Housewife

*In a small sauce pan mix in:
1 cup of milk
1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder
2 heaping spoonfuls of Nutella (I like Nutella)
a dash of salt

*Then heat up the ingredients and stir until smooth and hot

*Pour into a mug

*Top with whipped cream

*Enjoy (and try not to spill it on yourself)

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