One of My Favorite Things – Toms Shoes

Have you heard of Toms?  If not, you’re in for a treat!  These are one of my favorite things…plus as I get more and more pregnant, they are still comfy on my feet!  🙂
The above pictured Toms are new for Winter 2011 and the next pair I want to buy.  They will run you about $54.  Really?!  Yep…but here’s the neat thing…when you buy a pair of these the company donates a pair of Toms to a child in a developing country who needs a pair of shoes too.  How neat is that?  They have stories of children receiving shoes on their website:  Toms
They have lots of styles and patterns if the ones pictured above aren’t your thing.  I love glitter and even wore a pair of Toms to my wedding, yep, underneath my dress for the entire wedding.  These were the pair that I wore (they were my something blue):
Toms aren’t only for women, they make them for men and children too.  I already have my eyes on a pair for Baby Girl when she gets a little bigger (these will run you around $29 and a pair is also donated to a child in need):
How adorable!?!
Interested yet?!  Go check them out when you have a chance at their site:

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