Our Car Was Broken Into

The scene of the crime!

Okay, well I guess the car wasn’t technically broken into, my husband forgot to lock it.  Yep, stupid move…he always locks it at night and what were the odds that the night he forgot, stuff was stolen from it?

This happened a few nights ago…on a weeknight.  I guess these things always happen on a weeknight since they figure people are sleeping and won’t be up late since they have work in the morning (unlike weekends).  The next morning, while watching Mabel and The Today Show my husband called me, “I don’t want to alarm you but someone went into my car last night and stole some things”.  WHAT?!  My first thought was, ‘We don’t live in a neighborhood where things like that would happen’.  But apparently things happen no matter where you live and my little naive bubble was popped.

After looking around his car, my husband discovered what was missing:  an iPod, all the change in his cup-holder, his military uniform hat (seriously!?), his amp the was screwed into the back seat (the punks ripped it out), and a camping/survival knife.  I didn’t know which to be more pissed about…the amp that they physically ripped from the seat, kind of messing up the upholstery in the process or the fact that they stole his military uniform hat.  My husband is serving his country and you return the favor by stealing his hat?!  This all just leads me to believe that it was kids.  I don’t think some hardcore druggie or criminal would steal pennies and a hat that isn’t worth anything.  But you never know.

We had a police report taken, but you know nothing will ever come of it.  They have more pressing matters than my Hubby’s amp and other items.  I realize that.  I also let the head of our HOA know who emailed the whole neighborhood to warn them that this had happened and to be vigilant of locking doors…shortly after the email went out, there were numerous emails from other residents that had discovered things were missing from their cars too.

I’ve had trouble sleeping since it happened.  I keep thinking that I hear banging downstairs or someone in the house.  I know that they didn’t try to get into houses but it took away my peace of mind.  And even with our house alarm…I’m still nervous.  I have a baby now, and that’s is another reason why I hate that this happened.  It made me realize that no matter how safe you think you are, there are always people out there willing to prove you wrong.  I just don’t get it and I don’t think I ever will.  To those people out there who think it’s okay to take something just because you want it (rather than working for it!)…you suck (for lack of better phrasing)!

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9 thoughts on “Our Car Was Broken Into

  1. Shirley (GoldenDreemz) says:

    So sorry to hear this happened to you. Back when I was going to University, my car got broken into in front of my house too. They actually broke the little back window. These dummies didn’t even take the spare change though. They tried to steal my radio but couldn’t unscrew it so they left it behind but took the removable face! I think they took it just to spite me because what could they do with just the face??? A whole lot of nothing! I remember walking up to my car that day thinking, “How weird, why did my dad leave all my stuff out of the glove compartment?” That’s how unexpected a break-in was in my neighborhood.
    Even today, I’m a little OCD. I walk to the window with my keys and lock the car a couple times from my window before I go to bed. It’s become a bedtime ritual 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    I am so sorry to hear about that! In the last two years, we have gotten our car broken into twice- once they shattered the driver’s side window and the second time my husband forgot to lock his door, one night- and on Christmas Eve we had our apartment broken into- they actually kicked in the door and completely took the door off the frame (it was also a week before my DH and I were set to be married!) Even now, when DH and I go out of town for a few days, I get extremely anxious that we’ll get a repeat of Christmas Eve. We are also extremely OCD about the car and we make sure there is NOTHING in there to steal.

  3. Suzie says:

    Sorry to hear this happened to you! It’s actually unfortunately super easy to break into someone’s car and make it look like it was unlocked. (I got locked out of my car once and a locksmith opened it for me this way.) All they do is slip a little deflated balloon into the crack of your windshield, inflate the balloon thereby cracking it open slightly, slide in a malleable rod that can unlock the door, and voila, no car alarms and free stuff. I was shocked at how easy it was.

  4. Kristin says:

    So sorry this happened to you! Our home was broken into by two teenagers that live on my street last Fall. It is true that you feel violated and scared after it happens. I am still scared to go into my own home after work and stuff because of what I came home alone to that fateful night. A home is somewhere you should feel safe, not scared. Especially when so many of us work hard everyday for what we have and others think that they can just damage your property and take from you. Eventually you will feel safer again and your feelings will fade. Just leave lots of lights on for a while and get some motion lights for your driveway. It’s good peace in mind!

  5. Nikkie says:

    One night when my Oldest Twins were 9,Son3,and baby twins were 3mons. Old our house and cars got broken into. They figured out who it was cause they took the twins cribs and our bed matteress from the house and the infant twins ORBIT carseats. We also had a Chicco,Graco,and 2 Britax infant carseats. The intruder was a lady that was excpecing triplets down the street. She had her boyfriend go threw our house. We were on vacatuon. At the time we were living ina craphole of a neighbor hood in Austin.

  6. Sandy says:

    That happend to me, and they took my wallet with my wedding money (I was a newlywed) and like you, I thought they weren’t going to get them, thank God I just got a called two days ago from an officer and he told me they got them and they are going to jail for 24 mths… It took them 9 mths to get them, but I’m happy they got them… Good luck to you, I know how that feels and you wont feel the same 🙁

  7. Sherry Marie says:

    So my boyfriend just left for work and discovered the same thing happened to him!! I called the non-emergency police line to no avail! So here I am by myself all day so scared! I just looked up “car broken into to” and by chance it brought me to you. Strangely, they took his owner’s manual and left everything else.

    Anyhow, I know exactly how you’re feeling! I hope you’re feeling better, I’m trying, xo

  8. Sam says:

    We also got our car broken into early this morning and I freaked. I felt unsave and helpless since I don’t now who did this…. We also left our car inlocked by accident. We always always lock our car last night was a first and of coarse we get hard earned stuff taken away from us. We got softball equipment stolen out of the trunk about 400dlls worth of stuff….

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