Our Crib Problem

It’s not too huge of a problem but we found out today that The Land of Nod (I still love them) delayed shipping of our crib until mid November today.  What?!  Haha, maybe I’m just horribly impatient but I’m having this fear of them pushing back the delivery even further…and then before you know it, Baby Girl will be here.  
Soooo Hubby and I are looking into other options.  Here is my next choice…modern and completely the opposite of the Jenny Lind style:
Oeuf Sparrow
This crib retails for $730…which after shipping is actually cheaper than the one from The Land of Nod (shipping with The Land of Nod is the big kicker at $169!!!).  Oeuf is a eco friendly crib brand and is rated pretty high in the Baby Bargains book I talked about a few days ago.  Check out their website to see other crib styles they have:  Oeuf’s site.  If we do buy this crib, we will buy it from Amazon which has free shipping and no sales tax!  Oh yeah!  I’ll let you all know when we decide for sure.  
What do you think about this crib?  I want to know!  Natural wood finish or white finish?  We already have a white dresser but I think the natural finish would go just as nicely with the dresser and the turquoise walls.  But seriously…leave me a comment with what you think!  🙂

One thought on “Our Crib Problem

  1. martine says:

    I'm kinda liking this Natural finish! I think it would compliment any color in the nursery. I like the organic look of it and It would look beautiful against that Awesome wall color. Yes, you could get the white to match the dresser but who says everything has to be the same color. I sooo can't wait till I'm doing my nursery…. I'm in baby mode big time lol…but I'm patiently waiting lol…. Ps. Hope you start feeling better soon!

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