Papasan – Rockasan Transformation Part 1 – Spray Paint

Yesterday we spent the whole day outside spray painting the Papasan/Rockasan.  We decided to go the whole nine yards and do the whole process properly…which meant priming the whole piece, two coats of regular gloss white spray paint, and then sealing it so that the paint won’t chip as easily.  It’s safe to say that the whole process took the majority of the day.  🙂  It was pitch black by the time we hauled it into the garage to dry/air out overnight.
When checking on it this morning, I ended up doing a few touch ups and took some pictures for you all!  Since there is still an odor of spray paint we are going to let it continue to air out in the garage for another night.  

 Stay tuned for the completed pictures in tomorrow…assembled in the nursery with the cushion and accent pillows.  Prepare to be amazed! 
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