Cleared for Takeoff

Okay, well not exactly cleared for takeoff but I am cleared to begin working out again!  I may seem excited but who knows when I’ll have the motivation (or time) to actually work out.  I’m seriously dying from lack of sleep and both of my eyes are so black underneath them that it looks like I got punched…twice.  Thank you very much motherhood!

But back to the what I had intended on talking about.  I had my six week postpartum checkup at the birth center last week just to make sure everything had healed correctly after having my sweet little Chubs:

sleeping Millie

I honestly can’t believe that it’s been six weeks (by the time I’m posting this, it’s actually been seven!).

The whole appointment was bittersweet because I’m going to miss the birth center and all the midwives.  I was seen by the midwife that delivered Millie which was nice since my followup appointment with Mabel was with someone who I had never met.

The short and sweet rundown: discussion of how I was feeling (both physically and mentally), discussing Millie and weighing her (12.5 pounds!), checking to make sure everything had healed, and discussing birth control (cause this momma is not having another baby!).

Overall, I have a total of 9 pounds left to lose in order to be at my pre-pregnancy size.  And even though I’m looking forward to getting back into shape, oddly enough I’m not in a major rush like I was with Mabel.  Rather than stressing about the few remaining pounds, I want to enjoy my time with Millie while she is little and fit some sit-ups and strolls around the neighborhood in here and there.

I’m happy…and that’s what really matters.

Onto week eight!  🙂

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