Pumpkins, Sweaters and Hot Cocoa

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Crunchy leaves in shades of orange, red and brown.

The smell that lingers in the air from a distant burning fire.

Pumpkins (more importantly the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks).

Cute, cozy sweaters and cool, clean air.

I know fall doesn’t technically start until the end of this month but I can’t help but to be excited!  I remember last year right around this time writing a post about how I loved my Pumpkin Spice Lattes…and was so happy to see on someone’s FB status that they had just ordered their first one that morning.  And that means only one thing:  my favorite season is just about here!

I’m not a hot weather person, so this humid hot weather can’t leave soon enough for me!

I also can’t wait to buy some new fall clothes:  crisp new jeans, cute sweaters, and I want a pair of riding boots since I’ve been seeing them all over Pinterest.  If you remember…I was pregnant this time last year and didn’t get to wear cute fall clothes, I was stuck in elastic waist jeans that constantly slid off and needed to be hiked up.  BUT not this year!  😉

Here’s my inspiration:


Lovely neutral shades, and everything looks posh yet comfortable!  Don’t you just love the style of those boots?!  Now if only I can convince my husband to buy me a few things…

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8 thoughts on “Pumpkins, Sweaters and Hot Cocoa

    • Morgan says:

      Me too…and I’m especially loving that I don’t have to wear maternity fall fashion (lol, if you can call it that!) this year! I’m just a huge fan of jeans…and fall isn’t too warm or too cold…just perfect!

  1. Haley says:

    Come visit me! We will go shopping in Little Rock, go out for lunch and coffee, and then come back to my house and sit by the fire and watch movie while eating ice cream! Stop living so far away! Lol.

    • Morgan says:

      I wish…you guys have way more to do there than we have here! I’m beginning to think you have an obsession with ice cream! Oh and you have to stop posting pics of Blue Bell since we can’t get it here!!!

  2. Christina Loredo says:

    I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte on Monday! Tasted like heaven. 🙂 Now I’m ready to break out the dark nail polish!!

    • Morgan says:

      Were you the one who had it on your FB status? Haha! I need to go get one but it’s such a pain since the only one we have here is in our grocery store. 🙁 As far as the nail polish goes, I need a pedicure soooo bad! Why can’t we live closer so you could come with? Do you subscribe to Birchbox?!

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